When it comes to sports injuries, there’s no better treatment than prevention. Gymnasts know this all too well, pushing their bodies to the breaking point day in and day out; however, most invest in wrist supports only after the onset of pain. 

The human hand – made up of the wrist, palm, and fingers – consists of 27 bones, 27 joints, 34 muscles, and over 100 ligaments and tendons. Taking the rest of the arm into account adds 23 more muscles to the mix. All of these different parts must work together to perform any weight-bearing activity, so it’s no surprise injuries are common in young athletes. Typically, they’re the product of overuse, improper technique, muscular overcompensation for hypermobility, or an acute injury

US Glove Tiger Paws Wrist Supports are an excellent tool for preventing wrist injuries, especially when coupled with wrist-strengthening exercises. US Glove designed Tiger Paws to stop the wrist from extending beyond its normal range of motion, while simultaneously stabilizing all those bones, tendons, and more that are essential for success.

Gymnasts face a heightened risk of hyperextension, an acute injury that leads to chronic pain when repeated. Skills like the Yurchenko vault frequently cause the wrist to bend beyond its limits during vault entry (plus, a round off entry on vault places 30% more force on the wrist than the same maneuver during a floor exercise.) This makes US Glove Tiger Paws Wrist Supports ideal for preventing injuries during the vault.

Tony Retrosi, director of Gym Momentum and owner of Atlantic Gymnastics Training Center, has seen this firsthand. “When a gymnast begins training Yurchenkos, I have always believed they need to begin wearing Tiger Paws,” said Retrosi. “There is just so much impact on the wrist, I want to protect them and their longevity in the sport.”  

Retrosi has been a frequent lecturer, instructor, and clinician in educational opportunities such as the USA Gymnastics Safety and Risk Management course and National Congress. Additionally, he served as the Education Director for USAIGC/IAIGC. But you don’t have to be an expert to share Retrosi’s concern for injury prevention, which should be the number one priority across all sports. After all, nothing matters more than keeping athletes happy and healthy. 

From cheerleaders and tumblers to divers and yoga enthusiasts, any person performing an activity that places weight on their hands runs the risk of discomfort and injury – and stands to benefit from Tiger Paws. So, to all the coaches, parents, and athletes out there, take it from the experts: wearing Tiger Paws is an easy way to help athletes achieve their goals.

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